Critical Solution – Barbara the Witch 2CD


CD 1 – ‘Barbara the Witch’
1. Natas Fo Live
2. The Village
3. Barbara the Witch
4. Red Hooded Devils
5. Peter Crow
6. The Burning Pyre
7. End of the Beginning
8. The Headless Horsemen
9. Officer Green
10. A Lady in White
11. Return of the Witch
12. Into the Abyss


CD 2 – ‘Covers from Hell’ *
1. Locked up in the Snow
2. Let it Die
3. Killed by Death
4. Iron Man
5. Speed King
6. Gypsy
* CD 2 is only available as a bonus with the physical CD.

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Barbara the Witch is the Norwegian Horror Thrash band Critical Solution’s new concept album. This will be Critical Solution’s 3rd effort since 2013.

The record is based on a true story from their hometown, Helleland, which took place in the 1600s.

Recorded in Sonic Train Studios with producer Andy La Rocque at the helm, this is the most Horror filled album the band has ever made.

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