Innsmouth – The Shadow Over Innsmouth CD


1. Vomiting a Hole in the Soul
2. Dreams of Slowly Drowning
3. Ritual of Chud
4. Under the Pyramids
5. Klaatu Verata Nicto
6. Re-animator
7. The Colour out of Space
8. The Shadow Over Innsmouth

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Technical Death Metal with an eerie Lovecraftian horror/sci-fi vibe. The debut album by Innsmouth features brutal & technical metal mixed with plenty of influence from the 80´s shred metal scene. Made by musicians who have not been willing to compromise their musical values and value virtuosity. The Shadow over Innsmouth is full of demonic vocals, bone-crushing riffs, menacing bass, and heavy amounts of extreme shredding.

For fans of Nile, Cacophony, Obscura, Necrophagist, etc.

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