Omnia Moritur – Ex Inferis CD


1. Incursio
2. Quietus
3. Ex Inferis
4. Sacrilegium
5. Archangel
6. Oblivion
7. Omnipotence

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This is an 8-panel Digipak CD.

Death – the inevitable end of all things living. Since the dawn of time, humans have asked what lies beyond its veil, alas to no avail. It has been a fathomless source of creative inspiration within all aesthetic practices and will continue until the end.

Omnia Moritur is a Norwegian/Swedish band that delves into the most bottomless pits of darkness and death, blending traditional orchestrations with ripping death metal, polyrhythmic and somber elements of doom into something you have never experienced before. The lyrics explore the concepts of dying, madness, despair, questioning deities, and evoking the horrors and monsters of the mind.

Ex Inferis is the band’s debut album. It contains seven pieces that will guide the listener on the journey through the dark, ominous, and disturbing landscapes that Omnia Moritur visualizes. This is not an album for the faint of heart, so beware.

Produced by Omnia Moritur.
Mixed and mastered by Göran Setitus at Stemcellar Studio, Sundsbruk, Sweden.
All music and lyrics by Omnia Moritur.
Album layout by Thomas Angell.

Line up:
Göran Setitus – Vocals
Thomas Angell – Guitar
Kjetil Ytterhus – Piano & Orchestration
André Aaslie – Bass, Piano & Orchestration
Kim Larsen – Session drums

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