Vitam Aeternam – Revelations of the Mother Harlot [Ltd. Edition] LP


Side A:
1. Veil of Isis
2. Redemption
3. Sick & Pious
4. Bardo Thodol


Side B:
1. Promethea
2. Finis Gloriae Mundi

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This is a Gatefold LP with Die-Cut and Inlay. Limited to 500 copies.
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A modern journey across the syncretic pantheon.

Strung together in a biblical, capricious structure, Revelations of the Mother Harlot reworks the themes of divinity, eternal renovation, and personal accountability through the optics of a decaying, technoistic society that’s fixed in its old destructive ways. It explores the mysteries embedded within Nature: our one true Mother, giver, and taker of all life.

Curated with quotes, metaphors, personal insights, and allegories, ROTMH aids its convoluted telling by recurring archetypal figures who provide landmarks across this death/rebirth narrative terrain.

In an attempt to revise the religious vestiges lurking inside my own source code, the Roman Catholic Church’s main influence was excreted throughout the whole aesthetic, themes, sonorities, and language employed. As a result, its bittersweet ambiance filled the air with visions of sickness, fear, hope, horror, ecstasy, longing, and despair, serving not only as a way to sublimate such complex states of mind but also as a call for self-examination, growth, and evolution.

The divine feminine awakens: One new race is finally born!

-Râhoola, 2021

Vitam Aeternam is:
Jake Rosenberg – Keyboards, Piano, Programming & Sampling
Râhoola – Vox, Choir, Keyboards, Piano, Orch., Sound Design, Additional Guitars & Bass
André Aaslie – Piano, Orchestration, Moog, Mellotron & Additional Guitars

Honorary Bandmember:
Mathias Løken – Management, PR, Art Advisor

Concept & Lyrics by Râhoola

Special Guests:
Bor Zuljan (Devil Doll) – Guitar on “Sick & Pious” and “Promethea”
Janez Hace (Devil Doll) – Bass on “Sick & Pious,” “Bardo Thodol,” “Promethea”
Alasdair Dunn (Ashenspire) – Drums on “Redemption” and “Promethea”
Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen (Vulture Industries) – Back Vox on “Sick & Pious” and “Bardo Thodol”
Einar Solberg (Leprous) – Vox on “Fins Gloriae Mundi”
Hasard (Les Chants du Hasard) – Additional Orchestration on “Promethea”
Raphael Weinroth-Browne (Musk Ox, Leprous) – Cello on “Sick & Pious,” “Bardo Thodol,” and “Promethea”
Diego Tejeida (ex-Haken) – Additional Keyboards & Sound Design on “Bardo Thodol”
Michael Bridge – Accordion on “Sick & Pious”
Naoka Ohbayashi (Francesco Carta) – Back Vox on “Bardo Thodol”
Liselotte Hegt (DIAL) – Back Vox on “Promethea”
Tjodalv (Ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Old Man’s Child, Susperia Abyssic) – BM Drums on “Promethea”
Anders Faret Haave (Images At Twilight, ex-Blood Red Throne) – BM Drums on “Promethea”

Production credits:
Recorded between December 2019 and February 2021 in the following studios:
KVLTe Fish Studios – U.S. CIRCO DENSO – México

Pre-Mixed by Râhoola at CIRCO DENSO (Mexico)
Final Mix by Charles A. Leal & Râhoola at Psicofonía Studio (Mexico)
Mastered for CD by Charles A. Leal at Psicofonía Studio (Mexico)
Mastered for Vinyl by Kjetil Ottersen at Vektor Facilities (Norway)
Art-Concept & Lettering (Lyrics) by Râhoola
Design and Art Direction NU Studio in collaboration with Alan Ixba

A collaboration between Crime Records and We Låve Rock Music.

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