Clive Nolan – Song of the Wildlands 2LP


Side A:
1. The Story Begins
2. There’s a Threat
3. Crossing the Ocean
4. Beowulf’s Promise
5. Grendel Attacks


Side B:
1. Celebration
2. The Hag’s Revenge
3. Journey
4. Underwater Cavern
5. Rewards


Side C:
1. Beowulf, the King
2. Dragon Fire
3. The Warrior Dies
4. Funeral Pyre
5. The Story Ends


Side D:
1. The Narration performed by Ross Andrews.
2. Journey [Special Instrumental version]
3 Celebration [Special Instrumental version]

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The Gatefold Double LP contains a booklet with amazing artwork by David Wyatt, photographs, English and Old-English lyrics, and numerous details about the project.

“Song of the Wildlands” has gathered a vast number of artists, including four soloists, an international 200-voice choir, and a rock band, resulting in a highly impressive musical and visual experience.

Clive Nolan – Orchestration, keyboards, and programming
Vicki Swan – Nyckelharpa
Mark Westwood – Electric Guitar
Stig Andre Clason – Acoustic Guitar
Arnfinn Isaksen – Bass Guitar
Scott Higham – Drums
Geir Johansen – Extra Percussion
Birgitte Njå – Lur
Morten Clason – Flute
Ross Andrews – Narrator
Ryan Morgan – Vocals (Beowulf)
Christina Booth – Vocals (Tyra)
Gemma Ashley – Vocals (Solveig)
Natalie Barnett – Vocals (Freja)
Ensemble Anonym – Plainchant

The “Wildland Warriors Choir” – Choir
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