Profane Burial – My Plateau CD [PRE-ORDER]

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1. My Plateau
2. Moribund
3. Fragments
4. Righteous
5. Disambiguate
6. Horrorcode

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Profane Burial presents an atmospheric, dismal, and grim journey through unsanctified cinematic black metal, a sub-genre of black metal often featuring atmospheric and symphonic elements, drawing inspiration from film scores and other forms of orchestral music.

The new album is very intense and has a more extreme approach than the debut. It leans even further towards Black Metal, not only due to the high-pitched vocals but also because of the significant use of traditional tremolo guitars. The songs are quite intricate and progressive in both tempo and time signatures.

Line up:
Kjetil Ytterhus: Vocal & keys
André Aaslie: Guitar, bass & keys
Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow: Drums
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